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Residence FAQs

How does Parks Properties screen tenant applicants?

Parks Properties utilizes a sophisticated software investigatory system to prepare a report which evaluates credit history, past evictions, and criminal records. We also verify employment, income utilizing the applicant’s most recent two pay stubs and last years W-2. The tenant pays for cost incurred for the screening report by Parks Properties.

The prospective tenants also have to fill out and return top portion of the following documents.

What payment methods are accepted?

Parks Properties allows a variety of payment methods. We require with all new leases commit to paying online with their checking or savings account. This is done through the residences portal and all secure using bank/PCI compliance protocols.


We do not allow check payments currently and will be charging a violation fee of $10 per check received for payment of account balance.


Please review the attached documents for all your payment options.



When is a late fee applied.

Late fees will automatically be applied to your account at mid night following your grace period ending. An example of this and standard late fee grace period for our leases are 5 days so on the 6th of each month our system will automatically see who’s late and apply the appropriate fee to that account.


If you mail your payment to Parks Properties and it’s lost or delayed in transit and we receive it late you will be responsible for the late fee. It’s the responsibility of the lessee to have payment in our office by 5pm close of business on or before the last day of your grace period.


The best way to pay your housing expenses with Parks Properties is through your resident portal by clicking here. You may pay via your checking or savings which is 100% free or even a credit/debit card if needed, fees apply. You can even pay at your local 7 Eleven or ACE with your personalize PaySlip.


Online or PaySlip payments are applied to your account the day you submit payment as long as it’s before 5pm PST. Payments after this time will be applied the following day.