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Insurance Services (LRRL)

renters-insuranceAll of the residents are required to provide upon move in proof of renters insurance with a minimum liability coverage of $100,000.

If the resident hasn’t provided sufficient proof of the minimums required by Parks Properties, Parks Properties will enroll them in our Landlord’s Required Resident Liability (LRRL) insurance policy at no cost to the owners. We pass this fee of $12.50 onto the residents account monthly until they provide the necessary proof of insurance.

Our owners & property managers are named insured parties with the residents being additionally insured.

Our LRRL policy is underwritten by Great American E&S Insurance Company 300 E. Fourth Street, 20th Floor | Cincinnati, OH 45202 | Toll Free: (800) 280-0352 | E-mail: FISClaims@gaic.com